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HILD 12 Week 2 Discussion

Question: How can you use the concept of settler colonialism to construct a new map of East Asia that links the histories of Hawaii and China to US and Japanese imperialism? What happens when you add the Caribbean and British imperialism to the mix (think back to Goffe)?

After diving into the readings, I concluded that settler colonialism is the intrusion, replacement, and disadvantaging of previous indigenous owners of land from the arrival and settlement of settlers. One of the most prominent examples of this concept is the US on China and Hawaii.

During the1800’s Chinese immigration into the US, especially California was popular, prompting the creation of many Chinatowns around the area. In fear of the Chinese taking over the US (settler colonialism), the US enacted policies that would deter or even ban the immigration of Chinese into the US, namely the page acct of 1875, Chinese exclusion act of 1882, and more. The US’s fear of being overpowered as they have done to many other indigenous lands and islands created this heightened awareness of settler colonialism.

On the other hand, with Hawaii, although similar effects of Chinese hate can be seen, their method of dealing it changes. The first sign of settler colonialism in Hawaii can be seen in the form of plantations created by White workers, exploiting the labor of the indigenous people of Hawaii. With the immigration of Chinese people after their expulsion from the States, the same Chinese hate can be seen coming from the White workers. However, the US’s annexation of Hawaii as a method of dealing with the hatred is a prime example of settler colonialism. The disruption of the local indigenous community and their culture as well as their economy is a direct effect that links the history of all three countries together.

In the Caribbean, similar effects of settler colonialism can be seen with the British and the local indigenous people of Jamaica. With the settlement of the British in Jamaica, their replacement of local labor and influences on media is another example of settler colonialism, with the effects of the colonialism still affecting people nowadays.